Where to buy hair mascara?

Hair mascara was all the rage in the late nineties and then it just fell off the radar. Which is really odd, considering that everyday there are women looking for it. So if you are just starting to show some grays, of if you want to play with some colors, don’t despair – there is still a way to find hair mascara.

Here are some ideas of where you can get a hair mascara.

Avon has a product called grey root touch up, which is basically a hair mascara and comes in a typical mascara tube with three natural shades. You can get it from their site or the myriads of Avon representatives everywhere.

I’ve also seen a product called Heddy Instant Grey Touch Up which is the same hair mascara, but it seems to only be available at online stores. Try searching for “instant grey touch up”. They don’t seem to use the word “Heddy” all the time. It has about five different natural color shades.

Masc-A-Gray has a lot of natural shadows as well. They even have an auburn shade (reddish) which I if combined with blond streaks looks phenomenal in the summer. (No one said you have to use only one shade at a time! Experiment away – you can wash it off any time!)

There is Frederic Fekkai Hi-Lights Hair Mascara available at beauty.com. It comes in blond and cognac shades.

Come to think of it, when searching for hair mascara type in terms like “grey touch up” or “gray touch up”. There are many products that don’t call themselves “mascara” outright, but they really are. Remember, you don’t have to use it just to touch up gray hair. For example, if you have a dark hair, buy a hair mascara a few tones lighter and give yourself nice highlights.

And, of course, never discount eBay. Products from all over the world end up there and hair mascara is a frequent fixture. Some of the products I’ve recently spotted there were L’Oreal hair Mascara and Salon Selectives highlights and sets of funky colored ones.

Hope this helps!

Cheers for now…

Welcome to Hair Mascara

When you’ve only got just a few strands of gray, or if you want to try some bold streaks for a party but are not in the mood to do a permanent (and very expensive) makeover, hair mascara may be the choice for you.

It is a temporary dye that comes of easily with a regular shampoo.

There are many uses for hair mascara. Hiding grays, natural streaks, bold streaks, punk styles, you name it.

If you want the streaks to look natural, brush the hair out right after applying the color. If you want them to look like bold thickish streaks, let it dry before brushing. If you mess it up – wash your hair and start again :)

Personally I think this is the best product for women and men just beginning to show some gray. There is no sense in dying your whole head the same color you already have just to hide a few grays here and there. Permanent dyes contain a lot of harsh chemicals and weaken your hair in the long run.