Bring Back Hair Mascara

I wish hair mascara was a fad again. I wish looking for it was not such a major research project.

I have written about where to buy hair mascara in my last post, so thankfully there are options out there. But they are clearly not what they were in the hay-days of the nineties.

Back then it was pretty simple. Everyone and their grandmother manufactured a hair mascara. We had L’Oreal, Aveda, Body Shop, Dior…

And then it died out.


I think the flaw in the logic was to over market it as a fad. And too many people wore too many weird-colored streaks in all shapes for all occasion. The result – sensible people figured it would look weird and there is no point trying.

But this product is so in demand. Properly used, that is. And properly marketed. Just browse through question/answer sites like yahoo answers and you’ll find tons of people looking for it. People are so desperate, they are willing to use regular mascara on their hair!

Where are the manufacturers? Where are their trend spotters? Do they think that ever since the nineties women stopped wanting color in their lives? Or stopped growing grey strands they want to cover up?

Please, bring back the hair mascara. We are so darn worth it!

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